SMSC and USSD for Mobile Money

Verifone Mobile Money offers a dedicated IP-based SMSC for Mobile Money text messaging that sets new standards in performance, functionality and scalability. Additionally Verifone Mobile Money offers a dedicated USSD Gateway for Mobile Money giving Mobile Operators flexible, intelligent control of their Mobile Money Services.

Backed by over 15 years of real-time messaging RandD, the Mobile Money SMSC and USSD for Mobile Money provides a new level of versatility for MFS, and also for cross promotional interaction over all Mobile Operators value added services.

High availability
  • The speed of the SMSC will have you wishing to deploy it across your Mobile Operator network
  • Virtually unlimited Busy Hour Short Messages (BHSM), the SMSC is only limited by hardware
  • Support for SMS over IP and traditional network transport via MAP (IN/SS7) ensures that the SMSC is the future-proofed messaging platform of choice
  • Industry leading performance
  • Sophisticated performance tuning - small hardware increments to deliver smooth and rapidly scalable messaging
  • Zero ‘downtime’ for normal operations and upgrades
  • Single point of control through user friendly centralized console
  • Accurate, real-time and historic monitoring across all major statistical measures
  • Provides the ability to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by easily connecting with third-party applications
  • Allows premium charging opportunities by intelligent use of off-peak time and creation of tiered service levels
  • Improved Quality of Service from message prioritization and no service outages during upgrades
  • Easily integrated with existing service and network management systems, maintenance and billing

Intelligent Scalability

  • SMSC configurations of 1 to unlimited nodes
  • Automatic load sharing across system nodes as traffic increases
  • New hardware can be added within 60 seconds, with no service outage

Advanced Messaging

  • Messaging routing (PID, TON, NPI)
  • 32 levels of message priority (dynamic)
  • Sophisticated retry mechanism
  • Configurable validity period
  • Message query, replacement and cancellation
  • Historical message archive
  • Registered messaging

Integrated USSD

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Load-sharing
  • Increases ARPU through interactivity across services
  • Rapid implementation of new MFS
  • Total MNO flow control of menu-based services
  • Fully compliant to both GSM Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Highly scalable platform to multiple SS7 signaling links
  • Easy-to-use web-based operation and maintenance tools